Dear Igal

Do you have a dream that you wish to fulfill? Not everyone does. Which is quite strange - since we all  had dreams when we were kids .We live in a time when everything is happening faster and faster, tension is rising, more things in our life create concern and anxiety. In place of our dreams, we seem to create tension and stress. Now, more than ever, we should remind ourselves to  take the time to relax, to slow down, take a  deep breath, to meditate. It’s time to dream.  Read More >>

Doron Libshtein
Founder/CEO Mentor’s Channel

Knight of Rainbows: Slowing Down
Osho Zen Tarot

Meditation is a kind of medicine--its use is only for the time being. Once you have learned the quality, then you need not do any particular meditation, then the meditation has to spread all over your life. Walking is Zen, sitting is Zen. Then what will be the quality? Watchfully, alert, joyously, unmotivated, centered, loving, flowing, one walks. And the walking is sauntering. Loving, alert, watchful, one sits, unmotivated--not sitting for anything in particular, just enjoying how beautiful just sitting doing nothing is, how relaxing, how restful. 

Osho The Sun Rises in the Evening, Chapter 7.  Read more >>.

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