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Dear Igal

In recent weeks, there has been more and more stress in our region, with two opposing forces paralleling life within and outside of us. The world is a mirror of what is happening within us and the only way to achieve peace is to create inner peace. Peace between the various parts of us, peace between the spiritual and physical, and between our 4 dimensions: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.  


Doron Libshtein
Founder/CEO Mentor’s Channel

Four of the Most Powerful Words Ever! 

Dr. Marcia J. Hootman

What kind of energy are you creating in your inner world? Are you practicing self-acceptance? This is a good start. To paraphrase the contemporary mystic, Osho, once you being to accept all parts of yourself, you will release judgment of others. Where does conflict get its roots? From non-acceptance – of another’s beliefs, religion, politics, lifestyle, etc. Only acceptance creates an energy of peace – a peace that stays with us always. That peace radiates like ripples in a pond – out to everything and everyone we meet.  Read more >>.

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Following The Inner Peace Initiative with our partner Panache Desai we created a page for inner peace meditations. They radiate peaceful energy and we invite you to listen to this inner peace experience. 

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"Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize

your life around it." Brian Tracy

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